Howdy! Welcome to Black Barn Home Company! BBHCo. is years (and I mean years!) in the making. I love everything home embodies; entertaining, renovating, decorating (then re-decorating..!), and gardening. This passion has led to renovating four homes over the past eight years. We’re wrapping up our most current remodel, a barn on our property, and the process has inspired me to follow my dream of Black Barn Home Company; a corner of the internet for everything home, and a source for 100% made (grown + sourced) in the USA home fragrances + goods.

The Story: I’ve always told myself when I have more time, when we hired more help (I also run Negranti Creamery), or when the kiddos got older, I’d start my blog and online shop. I kept pushing it aside and making excuses to not pursue this idea, regardless of the fact the blog + shop is something I am happy to get up early or stay up late to create time for (or the fact I’ve had many wonderful friends urging me to do it for years!). When I hear about someone wrestling with a new idea or project, I encourage them with “don’t be scared!” or “what’s the worst that can happen?” and “don’t live a small life!” These few sentences are a great reminder that the worst case scenario is never as bad as you think.

Yet for years I’ve tucked this dream aside. I’ve ignored my own advice and played small. Afraid of failing, or what people would think about me starting another business. Or what if I don’t make the time to finish what I’ve started? Then about a year ago I started feeling a pull towards something new; renovating our barn these past few months has opened my eyes. Home is what I love. It’s what I am passionate about. Moreover, I love America and supporting American makers. If I can combine these passions through a blog + shop with goods made in the USA why would I not go for it? Why not share my love of home with you all? Why stay scared? Who cares what people will think! (this is much easier said than done – but after years of working on it I’ve arrived at this mindset (99% of the time!) and nothing has been more freeing). Why not try? Does this make my heart happy? Yes! Will I regret not giving it a shot? Absolutely. So here. we. go.!

Welcome to Black Barn Home Co.! My goal is to inspire you and help in finding beautiful ways to love home.

*If there is anything specific you’d like to see on here please let me know!

xx A

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