Friday Favorites

Here goes the first Friday Favorites! I thought it would be fun to share finds from the week (or every other week!)… a little round up of various favorites from clothing finds to inspiring words. These are a few favorites from this week. Enjoy!

1. These Mother Jeans! I ordered them from Nordstrom at 25% off. Yes, still pricey, but Mother Denim is worth every penny. Great quality, made in America, and just enough high rise to be extremely flattering (mom’s, you feeling me?)! And the color is “cowboy’s don’t cry” – need I say more?

2. I finished up Whole 30 (if you haven’t heard about the program you can learn more about it HERE). Have any of you completed it? I feel great, bloating is gone, and my skin is super clear. It has been a great ‘reset’ after quarantine! The key to this program is meal prep and having healthy options on hand. Also key is having approved snacks for when you need to eat now! I always have

3. My garden is going crazy! Summer is here and the plants are loving the sun (so am I). This year I planted an entire bed of tomatoes; I have not grown my own tomatoes in years and I am anxiously awaiting them to ripen. Send all tomato recipes my way!