Friday Favorites

  • This week we experienced snow for the first time and I was not prepared for how magical it is! I never thought I would live where it snowed – never say never! Wade and I felt like kids as we woke up to snow; we were almost giddy and most definitely enamored by its beauty. Everything surrounding us is covered in a soft blanket of white; stunning. The kids and I explored the property and hiked around our pond. We discovered icicles on the waterfall and threw snowballs onto the frozen ice (June asked if she could walk on it like Ilsa from Frozen. Yikes). We will also be ordering better snow gear – ha!
  • We bought the Frame TV for our living room over the fireplace! We don’t watch too much TV, but wanted the option to have it in the living room when we do. The Frame TV was the perfect solution. I found a piece of art on Etsy (HERE is the link), uploaded it to the tv via the frame app, and now we have art I love, and a TV the kids love, in the living room. You can adjust the brightness and mat color to your preference. We keep the TV in ‘art mode’ and are very happy with how it looks!
  • I believe I am very late to the game on this – but I just discovered Bitchin Sauce!! It’s vegan, non gmo, made with almonds, and stinkin’ delicious. I used it as a dip as well as over veggies. So good!
  • I ordered another set of our plates, I love these! They are the Mercer collection from Crate and Barrel. I ordered a set when we moved and they’ve held up well. I like how the plates are flat, not curved, and love how simple they are! With the extra set, we’ll be dinner party ready! PS If you sign up for the CB newsletter, you get 10% off.
  • I’ve been on the hunt for lighting for our entry and stairwell. I’m loving lanterns for the space; they are true to the colonial style of the home, with a farmhouse feel, all without being too on trend – timeless. At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted the two lights to match, but they are so close to one another, it will streamline the entry/stairwell. What are your thoughts on them matching? Here are a few I have my eyes on. Which one do you think we went with?

I love the mix of brass + black, the patina, and the shape of this lantern!

Linked HERE

This is a more modern, clean lined, option. Also the least expensive. A great find for under $200.

Linked HERE.

This lantern is a STUNNER. It’s the most expensive option and happens to be my favorite. No surprise there.

Linked HERE.

We are putting our touch on the new house; it’s coming together and feeling more like home each day. We feel blessed beyond measure to be on this adventure! Have a beautiful weekend y’all!

xx Alexis

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