A Few Favorites…

Every year I find at least one pair of boots I love from Dolce Vita – the boots I bought in 2020 I still wear weekly! They hold up really well and are not out of budget. These are the boots I currently have my eye on. I mean, I need them right??

These booties in the same color combination are tempting….!

Every time I wear my On Cloud sneakers, I am asked if they are worth the money. And every time I answer absolutely, YES! Truly the most comfortable athletic shoes I have ever owned. I actually bought a pair for Wade first, he raved about them so much I got a pair and now we’re both hooked. I can’t say enough about how great they are! Plus they are offered in a variety of cute colors! But you know I got the black and white – ha!

Lauren Leiss’ new book ‘Feels Like Home’ is out and it is chock-full of beautiful, inspiring images and practical advice for curating a home. It’s easy to get caught up in social media design trends, what’s in, what’s out, and this book has been a beautiful reminder for me to create a home I love – regardless of the trends. Bonus – it’s on sale for $22 right now!

With the new property, we inherited a chicken coop. I have been brainstorming ways to make it pleasing to the eye because as Wade said “it’s not up to Alexis standards” LOL! I’ll definitely be painting it white and adding some pots along the front. It’s an awkward shape, but Pinterest is giving me hope I can make it up to standard šŸ˜‰ I found this coop during a Pinterest deep dive – isn’t the door on this coop the sweetest? The kiddos and I are so exited to get chicks in the next month or so; I’ve researching the most beautiful, fluffiest breeds (of course!)!

I shared my favorite protein shake recipe on IG this past week and a few people asked about this Sakara Metabolism Boost powder and if it works. Do I think it helps my metabolism? Probably not. But what I do love about it is when I regularly add this powder to my daily routine, my sweet cravings are greatly reduced (and I have a major sweet tooth!!). I also have more energy in the afternoons. I recommend it for these reasons!

I also love the Sakara probiotics!

Next weekend I am doing something I haven’t done before – one of my best girlfriends and I booked a two night stay for 2022 planning ‘retreat’! Get yourself friends who encourage you, lift you up, shoot you straight, offer advice, and help you create your dream life. We are both so pumped! We’re planning on vision boards and the whole gamut. Have you done this before?? If so, send me any and all recommendations! Can’t wait!!!

Have a beautiful three day weekend!

xx Alexis

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